Sunday, January 12, 2014

If we were all honest...

If we were all honest, this life may not be so difficult to tolerate.

I'm talking the brutally honest things no one should say, but slip out when you've known the person you're speaking to for what seems like forever that it doesn't make a difference if they even listen. You know they're not going to leave due to something you say. They are where they have been for the last 8 years, at your side, like a real friend, and they don't mind your tangents about the people in the grocery store, or about your recent beau who just can't seem to get anything right.

This kind of relationship only develops from that pure, unadulterated honesty.

I yearn for that honesty...

the "Excuse me sir, you have a booger in your nose. Please clean it out before you continue discussing the barbarous medicinal care in the American Civil War."


the "Motherhood sucks! Why doesn't anyone talk of the pain in the ass child-rearing is?"

I've compiled a list of honest comments I've received over my 21 years of life. (yes, I am indeed only 21) To these people, I would like to say thank you. I understand most of you meant these comments to be darts wedged into my dainty being, but in my own little Katniss Everdeen fashion, I turned your oppressing mannerisms into fuel for a life that now flourishes. And to those who were simply being honest, because you too have learned this is the best way to live your life, well..keep it up!

1. "If you want to continue this relationship, you're going to have to change your personality."
It would be my pleasure to withdraw my caring soul from your presence now, thank you, unkind sir.

2. "People don't care about you for no reason. They need a reason to care. What can you give them in return for them caring? That's ultimately what they care about....themselves."

3. "You are a pretty self-absorbed individual. Have you ever thought of looking outside yourself? You'd probably be happier."

4. "Every guy watches porn!"
Although this statement is not true, it came from an honest man who tried to explain relationships are commonly infiltrated with porn and the women and men who are in denial are far worse off than the ones who acknowledge it for what it is.

5. "If that is all you'll be, you'll be a waste of time."
I'm almost certain everyone needs to hear this once in their life just as a little swift kick in the butt. So many people skim through life without direction or ambition. Do us all a favor, and get some.

6. "When you look to others for wisdom or advice on how to live your life, you are giving them authority over you."

7. "When it comes down to it, you're alone."

I don't share these things to be a Debby Downer, although I have been named one a time or two, I say these things to induce reflection.

Speak honestly and boldly,

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